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User Changeable Website:

We offer websites that you as the business owner can make changes yourself. These sites are setup already SEO ( Search engine optimized ) for the content your company is putting out to the world even after you make changes. The interface is easy to use and is accessible any where in the world. Think about it putting photos, pdfs' and your video on your site with out having to pay a programmer to do it.


We can log on directly to your home or office computer and provide services.

Video monitoring of your office space and armed guard security is also available.

Want to restrict where employees can go and download on  the internet.  Want to do this based on time of day or computer ask us how.

Have your server serviced by us.  Or if your desktop is slow have us clean up your machine it is that easy.

About solutions -

Virtualization, if you have a old XP or Windows machine or an old program that you want to keep? Consider allowing Alchemy Computer to turn it in to a virtual machine so that you can use it on your new computer systems. Let us show you how.

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